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What is cargo van insurance?

Rhode Island businesses that use cargo vans generally need vehicle insurance, but a standard auto insurance policy often doesn’t provide all of the coverages that these vans require. That’s why there’s cargo van insurance.

Cargo van insurance is a specialized form of commercial vehicle insurance for non-passenger vans. Policies take into account the size of these vehicles, and the amount of cargo they frequently carry.

Which Rhode Island businesses need to carry commercial van insurance?

Commercial van insurance is generally needed anytime Rhode Island businesses use commercial vans. For non-passenger vans, cargo van policies are usually the best choice. These policies are regularly used to insure delivery vans, utility vans, service vans, refrigerated vans, and other specialized and non-specialized work vans.

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What coverages are important to have when insuring a cargo van?

Businesses generally need certain coverages per Rhode Island state law, and loan or lease agreements can have additional coverage requirements. Many coverages are recommended regardless of any requirements. Some of the most common or optional ones are:

  • Collision Coverage: Could cover damage to a cargo van resulting from collisions with other vehicles.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Could cover damage to a cargo van from events other than collisions, such as theft, vandalism, hail, falling trees, fire, or animals.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: Could cover damage caused to others’ vehicles and property during a collision.
  • Bodily Injury Coverage: Could cover physical injuries that are sustained during a collision or non-collision accidents.
  • Medical Payments Coverage: Could cover medical expenses resulting from injuries to the driver or passengers.
  • Gap Coverage: Could cover the financial difference between a cargo van’s fiar market value and any remaining loan balance.
  • Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Could cover collisions involving drivers who are underinsured or uninsured, and also hit-and-run collisions.

Cargo Van Insurance Rhode Island

Can passenger vans be insured with cargo van policies?

Commercial van policies are normally underwritten for either passenger vans or non-passenger vans, and not both types of vehicles. 

Most cargo van policies typically lack the bodily injury and medical payments that passenger vans call for. Although cargo van policies frequently come with these coverages, their limits are often less than what the cost of an accident with many passengers onboard could be.

For passenger vans, passenger van insurance is usually the better choice. An insurance agent who specializes in commercial van insurance can help with either type of policy.

Can straight trucks be insured with cargo van policies?

Most cargo van policies usually also aren’t intended for insuring straight trucks, or box trucks. These trucks may be larger and heavier than what cargo van policies are underwritten for. Instead, box truck insurance policies are readily available.

Do cargo van policies cover the items in a van?

One of the main features of most cargo van policies is the ability to insure the amount of cargo that these vans often carry. While it’s important to confirm that the right coverages are in place, it’s usually easy to set up cargo van policies so that they cover a wide range of common cargo.

In some cases, setting up a policy for more unique cargo may be more complex. An insurance agent who specializes in commercial van insurance should still be able to find a policy that can insure hazardous materials, live animals, or other less common cargo, though.

How much does insuring a work van cost?

The cost of insuring a work van varies based on several factors, often including:

  • Van year, make, and model
  • Van size and features
  • Cargo classification
  • Cargo value
  • Any recent insurance claims

An independent agent can request custom quotes from several insurers, in order to find out how much different companies would charge when insuring a specific van or fleet.

Cargo Van Insurance Rhode Island
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Where can businesses find cargo van insurance?

If you need help insuring one or multiple work vans, contact the independent insurance agents at Podmaska Insurance. We’ve helped many Rhode Island businesses insure their vehicles, including work vans. Our agents have the expertise necessary to make sure you find cargo van insurance that protects your vans well.

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