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Nail Salon Insurance in Rhode Island

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What is nail salon insurance?

Running a nail salon involves a significant investment, and that investment ought to be protected when possible. Nail salon insurance policies can salons in Rhode Island protect themselves against a range of covered risks.

Nail salon insurance is specialized commercial insurance for nail salons. Policies usually include multiple liability coverages and property coverages that salons can choose from.

What Rhode Island businesses need nail tech insurance?

Most nail salons in Rhode Island should have nail tech insurance. Failing to insure can be costly, and this is generally the best type of policy for businesses in the nail care industry.

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Do nail technicians need their own insurance policy?

Whether nail technicians and nail artists should get their own insurance policy depends on two factors: their employment situation and the nail salon’s insurance policy.

Most technicians who work as employees of a nail salon will have coverage through the salon, provided that the salon maintains adequate insurance.

Technicians who work as independent contractors may be covered by their salon’s insurance, but they also might not be. It’s largely up to the salon as to whether it extends coverage to contracted technicians. If contracted technicians don’t receive coverage through a salon, then it’s probably advisable that they consider getting a policy.

An insurance agent who’s familiar with nail salons and their insurance can help technicians who are independent contractors review their situation.


What insurance coverages do nail salon policies come with?

Nail salon policies can offer a broad range of coverages. Some common coverage options include:

  • Tenants Improvement Coverage: May insure a leased space if the nail salon rents its location.

  • Commercial Building Coverage: May insure a building if it’s owned by the nail salon.

  • Contents Coverage: May insure nail tools, supplies, product inventory, furniture, computers, and other items the nail salon uses.
  • Business Interruption Coverage: May insure against lost revenue if operations are interrupted by a major disaster.
  • General Liability Coverage: May insure against “slip and fall” accidents occurring at a nail salon’s location.
  • Product Liability Coverage: May insure against harm caused by the products that a nail salon uses or sells.

  • Professional Liability Coverage: May insure against harm caused by a nail technician or artist’s mistake.


In addition to these, other coverages such as cyber liability and employment practices liability might be recommended. A knowledgeable insurance agent can help nail salons review the many coverages that are available through these policies.

Nail Salon Insurance Rhode Island

Do nail technician policies cover off-site services?

Nail technicians who offer services at locations other than their primary space, such as at client’s locations or during festivals, should make sure their coverages extend to such services. 

Whether a policy covers mobile and off-site services depends on the policy. Many can, but not all automatically do. A knowledgeable agent can help technicians find a policy that does if they need such coverage.

How much does insuring a nail salon cost?

The cost of nail tech insurance varies based on several factors. For example, a salon’s location, size, services, and equipment can all impact rates. So too can any previous claims history, annual sales, and many other details.

Nail salons can find out how much their insurance will be by comparing quotes with an independent agent, who can check quotes from several different insurers. Policies are usually quite affordable.

Nail Salon Insurance Rhode Island
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Where can nail salons in Rhode Island get nail salon insurance?

If you need to insure a nail salon that’s located in Rhode Island, get in touch with the independent insurance agents at Podmaska Insurance. We’ll work with you to determine coverage needs, and then find a nail salon insurance policy that’ll meet those needs well. Together, we can make sure your nail salon is properly insured.

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