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What is restaurant insurance?

Running a restaurant comes with many potential risks, and it’s important to protect against those when possible. One way restaurants in Rhode Island can financially protect themselves from covered risks is by purchasing restaurant insurance.

Restaurant insurance offers customizable protections for food service businesses. Most policies are able to protect the assets that a restaurant owns, and against many liability risks it faces.

What restaurants in Rhode Island is restaurant liability insurance for?

Most Rhode Island restaurants should have restaurant liability insurance. Not getting liability coverage could be financially disastrous if there’s an accident or something else happens.

In particular, these policies tend to be well-suited for restaurants offering sit-down service. Some examples of restaurants that might consider this type of policy include:

  • Fine dining establishments, steakhouses, and high-end seafood restaurants
  • Diners, buffets, family-friendly restaurants, and more casual eateries
  • Fast food places, pizzerias, and ethnic restaurants
  • Cafes, coffee shops, bistros, and teahouses

For businesses that don’t have sit-down dining, there are other policy options. Food truck insurance and catering insurance are a couple of examples.

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What property insurance coverages are important for restaurants to have?

Depending on precisely what a restaurant has, there are a few property insurance coverages that might be important:

  • Commercial Building Coverage: Might insure a restaurant’s physical premises if it owns the building, often covering the structure, parking lot, and any outdoor seating areas.

  • Tenant’s Betterment Coverage: Might insure improvements made by a restaurant to a leased space, including both front-of-house (FOH) and back-of-house (BOH) build-outs.

  • Commercial Contents Coverage: Might insure kitchen equipment, dishware, foods, computers, furniture, decor, and other items that a restaurant has.
  • Food Contamination Coverage: Might insure ingredients and prepared foods against spoilage resulting from covered events, such as power outages.

What restaurant liability insurance protections are important?

There are several restaurant liability insurance protections that may be important to have. Some of the most common ones include:

  • General Liability Coverage: Often applies to common accidents, such as “slip and falls,” in which a third party is injured. Also usually covers defamation and false advertising.
  • Liquor Liability Coverage: Often applies to various incidents if an overly intoxicated customer is involved. Covered incidents could include common accidents, sexual assaults, fights, DUI accidents, and alcohol poisoning.

  • Product Liability Coverage: Often applies to serious illnesses caused by improperly stored or prepared foods. Might include coverage for choking and injuries as well.
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage: Often adds another layer of liability protection, in case a lawsuit exceeds the limit of an underlying restaurant liability insurance coverage.


Of course, specific liability and property coverage needs depend on a restaurant’s particular situation. An insurance agent specializing in restaurant policies can help restaurants determine which coverages make sense for them.

Restaurant Insurance Rhode Island

Do restaurant policies cover private events that are hosted at a restaurant?

Many restaurant policies are able to cover private events that might be hosted at a restaurant, such as rehearsal dinners, major birthday parties, fundraisers, and company parties. A few policies might not automatically cover events like these, though.

Restaurants that host private events should work with an insurance agent who knows these policies well. A knowledgeable agent will be able to check whether a chosen policy would cover the events that a restaurant hosts.

How much does it cost to insure a sit-down restaurant?

The insurance premiums that sit-down restaurants pay vary. Details like a restaurant’s size, location, menu offering, annual sales, and past claims can impact rates, as can many other factors.

Restaurants can find out how much their insurance will be by comparing custom quotes with an independent agent. Independent agents aren’t affiliated with just one insurer, so they can check quotes from several insurance companies.

Restaurant Insurance Rhode Island
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Where can Rhode Island restaurants find restaurant insurance?

If you need help insuring a restaurant that’s in Rhode Island, contact the independent insurance agents at Podmaska Insurance. Our agents will make sure that you find restaurant insurance which will keep your business protected well.

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