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What is landscaping insurance?

The nature of landscaping work comes with inherent risks, ranging from stolen equipment to mowing accidents. Landscaping insurance may help Rhode Island landscapers financially protect themselves from a range of covered perils.

Landscaping insurance provides customizable coverages for landscapers and lawn care professionals. Landscapers can usually choose from several property and liability coverage options.

What Rhode Island businesses need lawn care insurance?

Lawn care insurance is broadly recommended for businesses offering landscaping and/or lawn care services in Rhode Island. Not getting a policy could be financially ruinous if something happens.

For some specific examples, businesses such as the following often get lawn care policies:

  • Self-employed individuals mowing lawns in the neighborhood
  • Local businesses offering lawn care services in the area
  • Smaller landscapers offering landscaping in the area
  • Larger landscaping companies with services throughout the state
  • Seasonal lawn care and landscaping businesses

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What coverages should landscapers include in their insurance policies?

There are many coverages that may be important for landscapers or lawn care businesses to have. These include both liability coverages and property coverages. Liability ones normally apply to situations where a business could be sued for causing injury or damage. Property ones normally insure assets that a business owns.

Some liability coverages to consider are:

  • General Liability Coverage: Might cover common accidents linked to a landscaper’s actions (not auto accidents).

  • Errors and Omissions Coverage: Might cover mistakes made while advising customers on landscaping installation or management; known as E&O coverage.

  • Product Liability Coverage: Might cover injuries, illnesses, and property damage resulting from the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

  • Environmental Liability Coverage: Might cover environmental damage caused by including incidents of spills, leaks, and over-applications of landscaping products.

  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Might cover landscapers’ commercial trucks and vans, covering accidents and other incidents.

  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Might provide additional coverage for expensive liability lawsuits.

Some examples of property coverages that could be important to have include:

  • Commercial Property Coverage: Could protect buildings, and the items kept in them. Covered items may include mowers, spreaders, trimmers, chainsaws, wood chippers, plants, seeds, chemicals, and more.

  • Inland Marine Coverage: Could protect items during transport to and from customer locations. Covered items may include everything from trailerable wood chippers, to fertilizers and seeds.

  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage: Could protect crucial equipment in case of malfunction, often covering the cost of immediate repairs. This coverage is typically reserved for larger and essential machinery.

Landscaping Insurance Rhode Island

Do landscapers need to have workers compensation coverage?

In Rhode Island, any private business with employees is typically required to have workers compensation. This generally helps protect against job-related injuries, which certainly are a risk when operating mowers, chippers, and chainsaws.

Landscapers and lawn care businesses that have at least one employee usually need to have workers compensation. Individuals who mow lawns on their own probably don’t need it.

Do lawn care insurance policies also cover snow plowing?

Some lawn care insurance policies are indeed able to cover winter snow removal services. An insurance agent specializing in these policies can help find a policy that’s able to cover both landscaping and snow plowing.

Do landscaping policies cover landscape architectural work?

Some landscaping policies may offer protection for landscape architects, but not all have sufficient errors and omissions coverage. A knowledgeable agent who’s familiar with landscaping policies will be able to check the E&O coverage of a specific policy. 

How much do landscapers pay for insurance?

The insurance premiums that landscapers and lawn care businesses pay vary. Landscapers often pay higher rates because of the equipment they use, but there are many other factors that also influence premiums. Location, services provided, business size, and claims history are a few of the other details insurers consider.

To find out how much insurance will be in a particular situation, landscapers can compare quotes with an independent insurance agent.

Landscaping Insurance Rhode Island
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Where can landscaping and lawn care businesses get landscaping insurance?

For help insuring a landscaping or lawn care business that’s in Rhode Island, contact the independent insurance agents at Podmaska Insurance. Our agents will work with you, to find a landscaping insurance solution that protects your business well.

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