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Life insurance can provide important protection against unpredictable events that could otherwise be devastating. Having a policy won’t do anything to actually stop something from happening, but you may be glad you’re insured when trying to manage the resulting costs.

When getting life insurance, however, you shouldn’t assume that every policy has the protections you need. Policies vary in what protections they offer. You need one that offers the right protections for you — and that’s what we at Podmaska Insurance help with.

Our Rhode Island agents understand these policies well, and they’ll make sure you find the right one. We don’t just recommend the same, generic policy to every client. Instead, one of our knowledgeable agents will review your situation with you. Only then can they recommend the best coverages for you, and see which available policies offer those coverages.

When it comes to seeing which policies have the coverages you need, we aren’t limited to just one insurance company’s options. Being an independent insurance agent means that we can check policy options from many different insurers, and show you the best choices regardless of what insurer underwrites them.

Don’t put off getting insurance until some other day, for you never know what day something could happen. Be proactive, and get the insurance you should have today.

For help finding the right policy, reach out to our team of independent insurance agents. We at Podmaska Insurance have helped many in Rhode Island find the insurance they need, and we’ll be sure you get set up with a robust policy that suits your situation. Together, we can make sure you’re well protected against a variety of calamities that could happen.

Scott Grande

Scott Grande

Our Life & Financial Services Agent

Client Reviews

Lauren was absolutely helpful and encouraging. She made me feel welcome to express more than she needed to know. Podmaska is like family and friends. Would recommend entirely.

Christina D, Google Review

I’ve been a Podmaska customer for 17 years. The customer service is top-notch and they make every effort to place you with a carrier that fits your needs. Cathy, Laura, and Stephen are always courteous, responsive, and willing to service their customers.

Maria P, Google Review

I had a great experience working with Cathy. She is professional, kind, responsive, and helped me choose an auto insurance policy. I’ll continue to work with her for my insurance!

Gina K, Google Review
Life Insurance Rhode Island